Leah | Short story collaboration / by Chris Corridore

Active Ritual-Citrine.jpg

Earlier this year I was approached to collaborate on a short story for a site called The Sistren written by the talented Victor Pineiro Escoriaza.

The Sistren tells the story of seventy-two extraordinary sisters and the man trying to chronicle their lives before he is overtaken by an unknown fear. A new sister’s story & illustration is published every week, and a core story that frames the novel is scattered between their vignettes.

Of the 5 stories I was given, the one I chose was not a difficult choice. I decided on the story of Leia, a heart-stopping beauty with a magnetism that pulls the entire universe towards her. It's a well written, fantastic concept and one I resonated with. She reminded me much of Citrine (above image) from my art series Active Ritual. Both have this ominous aura about them. They share the same struggle of loneliness and power.

Seeing how a few paragraphs can bring an image to life is a great feeling. I'm always creating characters in my head but have never expressed them in writing before. Maybe this is my next step in evolving as an artist. Maybe one day I'll be able to share some stories of my own.


Website -  thesistren.com 

Instagram -  @thesistren