A set brushes for Adobe Photoshop to simplify the process of skin retouching.

A Perfect Retouch, Everytime

All you need for perfect skin are these six brushes.
Made with over a decade of leading industry experience, they will leave your 
photos looking flawless with every touch.​​​​​​​

The Beauty Is in the Details

The hi-resolution texture and natural grain edges ensure that
 skin detail will blend seamlessly, and never look artificial.
Made for Versatility

The brushes work effortlessly with all of Photoshop’s tools. 
Try them out with the clone stamp, paintbrush, dodge, or even the sharpen tool.

A Well Rounded Solution

This kit comes with 3 soft and 3 hard brushes 
to offer a range of skin options.

The soft brushes are great for creating smooth skin texture
while the hard ones are great for areas with deep pores.

$10 CAD​​​​​​​
Having trouble getting started ?
Here's a short demonstrate of how these bushes work.

Photographer - Chris Corridore
Designer - Adam Quang
Stylist - Sonia Torsten
Hair + Makeup - Nicole Lupis
Model - Melissa Nolet
Assistant - Blaise Boissonneault​​​​​​​

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