Headspace is a digital painting I worked on over the course of 2018. I didn't use any reference or even have a direction for that matter. I decided it best to use this piece as a way to explore techniques and just get lost in the process. I like to think of it as a form of artistic meditation. 
Close up you can see some of my experimenting. I used some blur in the background, threw some grain over the image, and did some weird cloning technique over the outfit. Pretty cool I think.
These are the different stages of the piece. Admittedly I think some early version are just as nice as the final but it was a great journey transcending the darkness. Very fitting for the past year.
This is a time-lapse of the cloning process on the outfit. Originally I had a bird in the image which gave me the idea to make a wing-like design on the character. 

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