Negative Space

Negative Space is a visual exploration of mental health and the internal struggles that many 
people face. The series is an exploration of the concept of negative space, which is the empty or unoccupied areas in an artwork, and how it can be used to represent the unseen and unspoken aspects of mental health.

Cloud 9

The real me is not what you see, but you will never know.
For a face with a smile will last for a while, but the truth will surely show.

What happens when both yin and yang no longer are at peace?
A storm will rise to the world's demise as It all comes to a cease.

Dying light from day to night, ignite my constellation.
So I may know which way to go, the road to my salvation.
Anima, Animus

Unconscious is the mind of his, a heart without a host.
And what a shame for she’s the same, as empty as a ghost.
Soul Search

Where did it start, and how will it end?
The farther I get, the more I descend.